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Now you may or not be aware of the game of bingo, as far as I was aware it was a game of chance and it involved lots of old women sitting around chatting and laying out a few quid in the hope they will somehow win big and was certainly not a serious way of making money.

Now I am as sceptical as the next guy when it comes to these so called get quick rich schemes, but I was willing to give bingo bonus blaster a fair trial, I was interested to see how it was possible to make money that easily with a game of pure chance.

So after purchasing my copy of bingo bonus blaster I received my product via email in the form of a pdf file.

Unlike many of these money making systems, this guide was actually quite well written and presented and easy to follow, but I was still unsure to how it was done.

Being a bingo novice I made it my business to read over the guide carefully and make sure I followed there advise to the letter.

Once I deposited my £10 in the first bingo hall I was ready to go, I followed the principles in the guide and selected the appropriate game and to my suprise I was quickly on a winning streak winning first line and house!

I played a few more games and finished with a profit of £18.72 a fairly modest sum but as I had already made the £10 invesment and covered the cost of the guide I was happy. Plus I still had another £20 on the way as a free bonus!

Once I had finished method 1 I found myself with a profit of £52.34. I was very pleased and suprised at how well the guide had gone, but I was still not quite getting the big profits I wanted.

I wanted to get the big profits so so I skipped to method 2 armed with my £52.34 and reinvested it in the final bingo hall.

I loved this part of the method and found I was now on the track to making big money, I particularly loved the part about the prizes, so far in prizes I have made £300 and fingers crossed if I follow the guide I can claim the top prize of £2500, now that would be amazing.

So far after my trial, playing on and off when I can find the time (I work full time) I have made £463.69 in profit!

Now it has taken me a while longer than three days and it is not quite £904 yet, but I am more than happy.

To sum up I think this guide is a lot of fun and surprisingly it can make you money, maybe I was just lucky, but I am sure this guide definately gave me an edge that I would not have had without buying it and it is more than worth the asking price.

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